Wait for next month! Our video documenting our story and product process will be finally out ! For now enjoy the story.  

Isai Suarez founded Maison Mezcal in 2016 as he was living in Sydney. He would design pieces and partnered the best artisans in his native Mexico to craft them. He is now living in Mexico where he is immersed in the production process.
Each piece is hand made and detailed. Artisans specialize in a single discipline that has been passed down to them from their family. It starts with May and his son, Brandon, who get the molds done.
Along comes Juan and his team, who craft each piece with the molds. Once the piece is finished, it's taken to Chuy's workshop, who polishes it by hand and with an electric wheel so each stone can perfectly fit in each ring. Chuy purchases ethnic stones form Alfredo, a stone dealer who travels the world fetching beautiful stones. He has been specifically chosen by Isai to provide sustainable and quality materials. Then the piece goes back to May to get cleaned, polished and engraved. Finally it is packed, checked and sent by Isai wherever it must go.


Maison Mezcal embodies Princess Donají in their logo to render the beauty and intrinsic value of the sons and daughters of the land. Legend has it that a beautiful princess was decapitated and her head dug amongst the fields of Mezcal.

Time passed until she was discovered by a young kid while unrooting flowers in the field.When the boy saw the golden earrings he knew who he had found and ran to tell the whole town, who honor her to this day.
This is the universal story of a lost love, shamed identity and forgotten beauty, the monster of our age.
Nevertheless, the legend reminds us that our essence remains, because beauty and value come from who you are and nothing else.