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Legends in our name and logo


One of the questions we get asked most frequently is, why'd you choose that name and logo.

Our name comes from the word Maison which means house in french, and thats what we wanted to create, our intention was to build a home for artisans and artists where together we developed an intimate support network to show our pieces to the world, where sadly knock-off products are more abundant daily. Today we work with more than 10 crafters to produce our products ethically and sustainably.
Now Mezcal, Mezcal is a pre-Columbian beverage that developed in the south east part of Mexico. Very similar to tequila it comes from a cousin plant and is also produced through distillation in a fully artisan way. We chose the word as it embodies our essence, a truly artisan product, made from Mexican soil and with an identity of its own. And at the end of the day, we just loved how the two words sounded put together, so there you go. 

Our logo illustrates an centuries old Mexican fold tale, from before the time we were conquered and Mexican tribes ruled the land.
Maison Mezcal embodies Princess Donají in the logo to render the beauty and
intrinsic value of the sons and daughters of the land. The ancient legend narrates a
beautiful princess was decapitated and her head dug amongst the fields of
Mezcal. Time passed until she was discovered by a young kid unrooting flowers.
When the boy saw the gold earings he knew who he had found was and ran to tell
the whole town, who honor her to this day. This is the universal story of a lost love,
of shamed identitiy and offorgotten beauty, the monster of our age. But, the
legend reminds us that our essence remains, because beauty and value come
from who you and nothing else.