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Maison Mezcal is a collective studio where we create unique accessories crafted
by hand with local artisans from Mexico. We believe in fair trade and
cooperation between communities, designers and artisans. For each sold piece we
will give away a full meal to the victims of the Latin America immigrant crisis. 

Maison Mezcal came about from a desire to create a holistic project, where all the
involved parties are benefited in equal terms. The pieces are carefully designed, curated and made by artisans in local communities throughout Mexico. It is our mission that no family misses out and we get to create greater opportunities for the
beautiful people we work with.
Fair-trade and social justice are at our core. We strive to provide better payments
and working conditions. We have also adopted a one-for-one ideology, where we
give back for every sale we make. Each accessory sold this season we will be
providing a full meal in support of the Latin American immigrant crisis victims in
We have been in business since 2014 when we started designing iconic hand
weaved art made by our local artisan friends in Guadalajara Mexico. From
this point, we grew our category of products and got involved producing silver pieces, which are currently our core product. We designed our first silver collection in 2016. 
Maison Mezcal Team