ISSAI is a fine jewelry brand, focused on perfect craftsmanship, high quality materials, and a delicate curation processes.

Isai Suarez is the lead designer and founder. We has built his team around the idea to give power back to the people who work by hand, by partnering with many local artisans to achieve the highest quality and honor the traditional discipline.

The roots of this project grew from a high appreciation to modern design, people oriented organizations, and planet responsibility with the objective of make fine jewelry.

  • Who is Isai Suárez?
    Isai is an emerging artist with a strong background in statistics and science. Born and raised in Mexico, as a young boy he traveled the world as a preachers son and was deeply influenced by foreign cultures and their traditions. He won scholarships to attended business school in America and Australia but after graduating his rebel spirit took him through a wilder path, his passion and enthusiast for aesthetics was never killed.

  • What is the ISSAI brand?
    What used to be a side project became a business when Isai had to move back to Mexico to take care of his loved ones. He came back to his roots and decided to follow his passion. The ISSAI brand was born out of love and care for others.

  • How did you start making jewelry?
    Inspired by his memories as child, Isai stated designing jewelry. He followed his vision of creating a business that is profitable, sustainable and, people oriented. He is concerned with trends and its surroundings. Crafting life experiences into jewelry to gain momentum in life.

  • What materials do you use to make your jewelry?
    Isai works with pure, well-resourced and carefully selected materials. He chooses to work with the best people the field. He values the process of making his jewelry and the people involved in it.

  • What makes you angry?
    Junk brands and anything that destroys the environment and cultures.

  • What kind of music do you listen to while you work?
    Please email me recommendations, I'm more intrigued by what you like. issai@issai.co